ICRC 2022

Erik DeBenedictis and Elie Track presented at the IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing (ICRC 2022) 8-9 December 2022 in San Francisco, CA, USA and Virtual.

The paper has been published as:
DeBenedictis, Erik P., and Elie K. Track. “Rebooting Quantum Computing.” 2022 IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing (ICRC). IEEE, 2022. DOI: 10.1109/ICRC57508.2022.00010.

Accepted Manuscript:


This is the PowerPoint deck as presented in pdf. This is followed by the source .pptx file (the file was created in .ppt and saved as .pptx).

And this is the slide deck in notes mode, minus one slide.

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