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Has Moore’s Law ended?

  • As long as Moore’s law helps sell products, it will be redefined as needed to assure that it continues.

Do Quantum computers work like Powerball?

Not quite. Data in a quantum computer is probabilistic like lottery tickets, but the quantum computer itself operates differently.

What is the name Zettaflops all about?

“Zettaflops” was the name of a series of supercomputing conferences. The name was chosen in anticipation of the first Petaflops supercomputers, but with an eye to the future. It was obvious at the time that Exaflops was going to be a mess, and we didn’t want to run a conference for a mess. In the end, quantum computers started to take over.

This website has a uncluttered pages that WordPress can resize for mobile devices, yet it is a front end of sorts to the Zettaflops archive and some code repositories. The archive can be accessed via a browser.

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