Space Computing

Fault-Tolerant Spaceborne Computing Employing New Technologies, 2015

The Eighth Workshop on
Fault-Tolerant Spaceborne Computing Employing New Technologies, 2015

CSRI Building
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM
May 26-29, 2015

Organized by: JPL, Sandia, USC/ISI, Honeywell, OGA

Click here for the schedule (or as a spreadsheet). For reference, here are the links to the 201420132012201120102009 and 2008 conference archives.


Marti Bancroft, ConsultantLarry Bergman, JPL
Steve Crago, USC/ISIErik DeBenedictis, Sandia
Hung Nguyen, SandiaJohn Samson, Honeywell
Barry Willits, Raytheon


This is notice of and a call for participation for the eighth workshop on space computing. The main sessions are May 27-28, 2015, with working group sessions on May 26 and 29, in Albuquerque. The afternoon session of May 28 will be “closed.”

Like previous years, the topic will be R&D for next generation spacecraft computing systems, including hardware, security/trust, software, and applications.


This year, the meeting will be focused on multi-organizational projects and collaborative R&D that could contribute to building space processors and their applications. The organizers are issuing through this page an invitation for presentations on projects or capabilities. Please respond via e-mail to any of the organizers and include a semi-formal proposal.


We will have working groups as in past years. Some working groups have been organized already and we are soliciting ideas and participation in organizing others:

  • Trust, as in trusted components
  • 3D technology
  • Impact of shifts in semiconductor scaling and “Moore’s Law”
  • Software issues, notably resilience

The conference has a capacity for other working groups, and we are soliciting ideas and organizers. If you would like to propose a working group, please contact one of the organizers.


The following will be held in conjunction with the meeting.

  • Opera/Maestro User Group


Attendance is by invitation only. If you are in the industry and would like an invitation, please call Erik DeBenedictis (505) 284-4017 or e-mail The registration fee is $175 (but see next paragraph). Register at the Sandia Webpay website at and selecting “Fault-Tolerant Spaceborne Computing Using New Technologies 2015” as the event name.

If payment of a registration fee creates difficulties, please call Erik DeBenedictis (505) 284-4017 or e-mail and we will work out alternative arrangements.


The meeting will include information at various levels of sensitivity.

  • Some sessions on the schedule will indicate the information is sensitive (i. e. export controlled and proprietary). Attendees not eligible to receive specific information will be asked to leave the meeting room as needed.
  • There will be Government session that may be attended by only Government, FFRDC, and SETA employees.
  • While the entire meeting is by invitation only, there may be additional invitation-only sessions not posted on the Internet.


Foreign nationals will require a badge to enter DOE facilities. Foreign nationals should contact the conference sponsors immediately about a badge and should plan on stopping at the Sandia badge office about 1/2 mile away before first entering DOE premises.


The associated hotel is the Sheraton at Menaul and Lousiana (same as the past few years). Please go to this website: . Group name “Fault-Tolerant Spaceborne Computing.” Rate: $83 per night. The cut-off date for this rate is May 8.


The meeting will be held at several locations:

  • We expect all evening activities to be at the associated hotel in the uptown area of Albuquerque.
  • Except as noted above, open portions of the meeting will be held at Sandia’s Computer Science Research Institute (CSRI) building on 1450 Innovation Parkway, Albuquerque, NM 87123 (map below). This facility is outside of Kirtland Air Force Base; visitors please do not try to enter Kirtland Air Force Base as you will probably not succeed and it will cause quite a delay. US Citizens may go directly to the CSRI building; foreign nationals will need to make arrangements for a badge and then go to the badge office.
  • Closed portions of the meeting will be held in other buildings at Sandia; meet at the CSRI building for directions.


  • Erik DeBenedictis, Sandia,, (505) 284-4017
  • Marti Bancroft, MBC, marti at dragonsden dot com
  • Larry Bergman, JPL, Larry dot A dot Bergman at jpl dot nasa dot gov
  • Steve Crago, USC/ISI, crago at isi dot edu
  • Hung Nguyen, Sandia, hdnguye at sandia dot gov
  • John Samson, Honeywell, john dot r dot samson at honeywell dot com
  • Barry Willits, willits at raytheon dot com

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