AE9/AP9 Radiation Specification Development: Proton Spectrometer Belt Research (PSBR) Program Update

Brian Wie

Mr. Wie is a 2009-2010 NRO technical fellow (on loan from General Dynamics C4 Systems) to assist the NRO Program Manager, Mr. Dave Byers, on PSBR.

PSBR, a multi-agency multi-organization project (NRO, NASA, AFRL, LANL, NRL, Aerospace, MIT Lincoln Lab, Boston College) is aimed at reducing uncertainty in the radiation environment specifications used to design satellites. Current models used are decades old, inaccurate, and provide no indications of uncertainty. The model update has the objective of providing satellite designers with a definitive model of the trapped energetic particle and plasma environment. The resulting model will be a major innovation from the prior AE8/AP8 version.

Document date May 3, 2010.