Government/DoD, Nanotechnology Developments for Survivable Space Systems

Mr. Rick Ridgley

Mr. Ridgley will discuss, from a system's architecture perspective, the research and development programs intended to exploit nanomaterials to revolutionize satellite design. He will begin by describing the trade space issues involved in fielding a fault e tolerant spaceborne computing platform on a highly survivable satellite. He will outline the "threats" that drive this push to revolutionary development and provide specific details on research and development programs for:

As he describes the R&D for electronics, structural materials, and power production and storage, he will discuss development goals, approaches to success, and "pitfalls" to avoid. Examples of successful R&D and nanotechnology opportunities he plans to pursue will be discussed. In closing, he will charge the assembled group to take his "satellite architectural" approach to heart and urge them to join with him to pursue common spaceborne computer architecture that leverages open commercial standards ad common building blocks while achieving economies of scale while pursuing approaches that reduce risk for the satellite Program Offices.

Document date April 13, 2010.