Zettaflops 2011 Call for Submissions
Conference to be Late October, 2011
Pasadena, California

The organizers are planning another conference in the Petaflops/Zettaflops series for late October 2011. As with past conferences, there will be presentations and working groups involving technical professionals in the relevant fields. For this workshop, we would like to have a namesake "Zettaflops" session where the participants have more time to prepare. A call for abstracts to the Zettaflops session is being issued at this time; details on other aspects of the conference will be released as they are determined.

The namesake "Zettaflops" session of the workshop will be concepts that could someday produce a computer with a performance of 1 Zettaflops (1021 floating point operations per second) or equivalent. The organizers are confident this performance level cannot be reached with CMOS, but have no expectations about any other aspect of the technology. The organizers request abstracts for papers and presentations that would contribute to this vision. Submissions could comprise:

The organizers will review and accept abstracts that offer the most thought-provoking contributions. Accepted proposals will receive an opportunity to submit a paper and give a presentation at the workshop. A panel of distinguished contributors will be present at the workshop and will make a selection of the best contributions, which will receive a nominal prize.

While "Zettaflops" is the title of the workshop, the term is used to represent a broader concept. Imagine that the technology were available to build a computer with Zettaflops throughput and matching today's expectations of a balance between processing, memory, interconnect, and software. Given this assumption, we are seeking ideas on the best way to organize and use the technology. While organizing it to perform 1021 floating point operations per second would be a valid answer, so are other organizations -- such as a large database or an artificial neural network. The term Zettaflops has public recognition value as a stretch goal, yet it is possible that production would be in the form of Petaflops systems with the form factor and power consumption of a hair dryer.

Since this workshop and its agenda are unique, potential participants are requested to contact the organizers through erikdebenedictis@sandia.gov on an ongoing basis. Abstracts of up to 3 pages are requested by May 1, 2011. Abstracts will be reviewed by June 1, 2011 and submitters promptly notified.

Modified on: February 5, 2011
Contact: erikdebenedictis@sandia.gov